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Abbreviated bio here.

“Differentiating oneself in the burgeoning field of alternative country artists is a tricky proposition these days, but Dave Ramont stands tall in the crowd.” –Performing Songwriter magazine 

David Alan Ramont was born one muggy August day with a song stuck in his head. The doctors couldn’t get it out. 20 years later he was playing clubs around the Chicago area, where he also taught at a music school, played in foul theatre pits and dug way more than his share of ditches. 

After recording his first record, Toaster Reflection, he knocked around the Austin, TX music scene for a spell, driving a bakery truck and singing anywhere they’d let him. The Austin Chronicle said “The world could always use another singer/songwriter with meaty lyrics, gritty vocals and a tight backup band.” 

Back in Illinois the skies grew darker, and Ramont released Scofflaws. The Illinois Entertainer said “Unlike many simplistic roots-revivalists, Ramont isn’t afraid to mix things up...gorgeously unexpected accordions and cellos pop up elsewhere on this wonderfully produced CD.” More gigging, more ditch digging. Then came Scrawny, which Richard Milne of WXRT in Chicago called “a delicious collection of distinctly American Music.” Dave was tickled to sing at some of the great rooms around the Chicago area - The Hideout, Space, Schubas, Fitzgeralds, City Winery, Martyrs, The Empty Bottle... Gigging expanded around the Midwest, South and East, and more public and college radio climbed on board. 

Ramont borrowed a banjo and co-founded swillbilly band Dick Smith, who released 4 CDs and developed a curious little following. Their record Smoke Damage was one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s top 3 indy releases of 2002. Ramont then stepped away from music making for a spell, hiding behind trees and kicking things down the street. But in 2009 he released the sprawling double CD TAW, spit-polished his 1967 Gibson J-50 and commenced playing again. 

He’s since had songs featured on various compilations and has produced records for other singer/songwriters. He sings in public- sometimes for rye whiskey or sandwiches - and picks through his box of songs hidden under the basement stairs. And still digs the occasional ditch when necessary.

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