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Released 2005
Produced by Dick Smith

Woozy CD cover

Why "Woozy"? Well, y'know, the best hangovers are earned... 

If you're the type who'd stick your hand -- no, your whole damn arm -- inside a hollow log in the woods, then plunk yer money down friend. Same wonderfully stringy grease with a li'l more organ, a tad more piano -- it's still raining but it feels good. Drunken mules, women's prison, the splitting of matter, death & sex & the Old Testament...if the brakes are out you might as well hit the gas.

CD--$12, includes shipping

1 threadbear
2 show me a door
3 shinola
4 maple bun
5 peewee valley
6 afternoon
7 head hands feet
8 john wesley hardin
9 fission
10 death and liquor
11 long decline
12 pingree green
13 henry clay
14 billy's dad
15 likker pilla


Smoke Damage
Released 2002
Produced by Dick Smith

Smoe Damage

Picks up where the delightfully burnt-around-the edges "Swill" left off. Just plain hummable. 

Still greezy, but with more seasonings. A little dark, but exuberantly so. Like a sunny night, or dancin' at a wake. More pickin', squeezin', slidin', slappin', and chortlin' than one can shake a stick at. So put down that stick and buy the damn thing.

CD--$12, includes shipping

1 chicken hand (prefrain)
2 kettle o' fire
3 whiskey bottle
4 shitbox
5 box o' bones
6 trouble bound
7 slim t' none
8 pissin' rain
9 one day they'll shoot me down
10 hazard pay
11 paul kissed the girl
12 chicken hand
13 gravity


Released 2000
Produced by Dick Smith

Swill CD
These 15 songs begged to be recorded live. In the basement. And so it was.
There's honky tonk (Heart Up on Blocks), prison balladry (Huntsville), south of the border lust-driven avant grass (Brown Dollar), murky swamp odes (Boats on Fire), gospel grass (Church of Yer Choice), and muchos more. A beautiful, infectious mess.

CD--$12, includes shipping

1 Who the Hell Kicked Me
2 Better than Nothin'
3 Heart Up on Blocks
4 Huntsville (Tossed and Taken Down)
5 Peg
6 Sleep on the Ground
7 Indian Radio
8 Peace in the Valley
9 Brown Dollar
10 Good Ol' Dog
11 Gimme the Skinny
12 Tumbulars
13 Ugly Tree
14 Boats on Fire
15 Church of Yer Choice